Updated June 18, 2022

Herpes viruses are a HUGE family of viruses that affects everyone. There are eight types which conventional medicine has established as causes of illness in humans and other species. There are many more possibly numbering into the hundreds, depending upon the classification system used. (This discussion also pre-supposes the existance of viruses as distinct entities, which may not be fully true).

We mostly know of type 1 (HSV1) which causes canker sores, type 2 (HSV2) which causes genital herpes, type 3 (varicella) which causes chicken pox and shingles and type 4 (EBV, “Epstein Barr”) which causes “mono,” fatigue and is associated with many chronic conditions. 

Here are good references for more information.  There will also be specific information on the main types as information unfolds.

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