Updated August 3, 2022

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COVID-19 is highly contagious which means that everyone on the planet will be exposed to each new variant.  Severity of illness will ultimately rest squarely upon an individual’s immune system. From the data, over 80% of cases are mild or asymptomatic.

Allergy, the Common Cold, Influenza and Coronavirus look similar. The table on the right can help distinguish symptoms, but there is high overlap and the symptoms are changing with the new variants.

Immune support includes vaccines, antibodies, and natural ways to enhance immune system function and kill the virus. We have collected various preventive and treatment protocols, available to registered users, in the menu above.  Vaccine long-term safety, duration of effect, and effectiveness for variants (mutations) is still a moving target.

Main-stream media are missing the boat (intentionally?) by focusing on vaccines and scary stories, while minimally covering preventive measures. Testimonials such as those by numerous highly-credentialed physicians before the US Senate in December 2020  (click here) are inspiring and provide real possible alternatives and adjunctive measures. Several holistic doctors have been cited by the FTC when reporting their successes using holistic methods (see Dr. Mathias Rath, who published papers with Linus Pauling, recommends additional supplements such as lysine (more below and to the right).

Dr. Cheikin can test for nutrient levels, toxins that impair the immune system, and certain aspects of immune functioning for patients after individual factors are considered. More individualized concerns and needs can be addressed in (Zoom) office visits.