… are non-medical support services that can enhance the medical programs, replace a typical doctor-patient relationship, or expand the practice of interested practitioners. These services can help with learning about and strategizing medical options, stress management, lifestyle changes, nutrition and other supports.

Membership is the starting level which provides access to all articles, videos, posts, podcasts and other private materials created and vetted by Dr. Cheikin. (For a sample, click here).  Since it provides access to proprietary materials, proof of identity is required. There is an elite level that is only provided by invitation.  For information on membership, please contact us. 

Tutoring provides education about holistic topics including nutrition, supplements, stress managements, sleep, and energy medicine. Individual cases are not discussed but sample cases may be used for illustrative purposes only.  For parents seeking information about their childrens’ health, both preventive and healing, this modality is the best option to start.

Coaching, like that done for athletes, helps formulate strategies and provide accountability for a healing path.  Scheduled and non-scheduled phone and Zoom meetings are intiated by the client, physician, nurse, staff, or a combination.

Mentoring allows practicing healers to review difficult cases with Dr. Cheikin,  and to learn about alternative models and  methods for testing, treatment and lifestyle modification.

Case Management utilizes the physician and staff to help negotiate the health care system; can participate in visits with other practitioners, and can do regular check-ins as needed.

These service are not “covered” by insurance and require a retainer to begin. Services are provided on a quarterly basis which enable a regular schedule and discounts.  

For more information, contact us.

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