Yoga Attendance Log Entry

Updated January 17, 2020

  1. Log into DataEase 
  2. On the Staff Main Menu-
    1. hit option (5) Studio
    2. Press (1) Friday Activities
    3. Press  (1) Enter Attendance List
  3. From yellow Attendance List
    1. Write in student numbers based on old logs
  4. From Attendance List, enter course number (227, or 204) and date of the class, lead (MIC), and entered by ( your Initials)
    1. Enter patient numbers in column( name should populate, if not something wrong)
    2. If person is a guest, put the card holders patient number in last column.
  5. Press F2 to Save.
  6. Back to Studio menu, chose option 2 ( List one Class with Attendance)
  7.  Put  Yellow Attendance list into printer, (top in face up)
  8. Make sure to print and press F2 to Save.

    To print Yoga Y1 Report:

  9. Back to Studio Menu
  10. Press option 3 ( Y1: Weekly Card Check All Students)
  11. Print