Stool Testing

Updated September 30, 2022

While there are limits to any lab test, there are times where additional information can support or modify a clinical protocol. Doctor’s Data is a private lab with a strong track record.  It is the only clinical lab that tests for bromide and fluoride. Based on this information, and the options available, we have chosen Doctors Data’s panel of stool tests for our practice.

There are several types of stool tests, which can provide both qualitative, and sometimes quantitative information.  The components of a stool test can include:

    • chemistry (pH, inflammatory markers, enzymes, digestive inefficiencies, certain toxins)
    • bacterial ecology (direct and/or through their biochemical markers).
    • fungal ecology (direct or through their biochemical markers)
    • parasitology
    • PCR testing for DNA of stealth infections
    • leaky gut

Working with an experienced practitioner is usually necessary to properly interpret results in a clinical situation, and to formulate or modify a treatment plan based on such results.

Most or all components of this test are not covered or are poorly covered by conventional insurance. Discounts are provided for cash-paying patients.  We charge patients what the lab charges us for the test. There is an administration and interpretation fee that covers the physician and office components of the test.

Tests for leaky gut are available in a variety of venues. Since most patients have leaky gut to some degree, and because the tests are more qualitative than quantitative, they should only be performed under specific scenarios.  The Zonulin test (see below) is a measure related to leakiness and is an “add-on” (worth it!)

Here is a recent test result from a patient (identity protected).

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