Updated February 7, 2022

This is a rare but real condition where mold/fungus from soil infects the skin. In some cases of immunocompromise (alcoholics, AIDS, cancer) it can invade the joints, lungs, sinuses, and other internal regions.  A recommended treatment for cutaneous and lymphcutaneous sprochtrichosis in adults and children is  high-dose-iodine!, up to 7.5 gm per day. The duration of iodine is not specified in the 2007 guidelines below, but 12 months is recommended for itraconazole therapy, up to 400 mg/day in adults. There are cases of articular, osseus (joint and bone) and pulmonary sporotrichosis that have responded to iodine alone. Why some cases did or did not respond is probably due to coexistant factors such as multi-mineral deficiency, multi-vitamin deficiency, essential oil deficiency, and toxicities with natural (molds) and man-made (heavy-metals, halides, petrochemicals) toxins.  Iodine is useful for viral pneumonias such as coronavirus. It was the sole treatment, highly effective and safe,  for neuro-syphilis until the early 1940’s; therefore its ability to penetrate the brain and spinal cord is unquestionable, at least in that condition. Most likely, single doses up to 2.5-5 gms are tolerated several times a day and would probably be effective if the other factors are addressed concurrently. See the post on itraconazole for more information on the use of this pharmaceutical.

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