Earlier GCD Info and updates

Updated October 14, 2019

These are updates added as one post starting 8/24/2018

Week Beginning 3/18

  • Added plugin that allows adding body classes to posts and pages
  • Turned of Related posts throughout site on posts unless you add Body Class: RelatedPostsOn
  • On welcome page I added the popup for History.docx

Lat Week

  • Developed welcome page

Week ending 2/22/2019

  • Added Builder Content Restriction allowing admin to determine who can see content within a builder row. Add multiple rows for different roles.
  • T-shooted user creation on the backend and determined if Dr. Cheikin or Staff creates users, they shoud do it on the front end.
  • Created new role based video page conjunction of content restriction
  • debugged Themify Pop Up not launching manually. Conflict with JQuery smooth scroll. Turned off JQuery smooth scroll for now
  • Extra space problem. Last looked, it was a conflict with Embed Press plugin. Still not sure if this is it
  • Updates and Duplicator backups on 2/20 and 2/22
  • Cleared old backups off server to open disk space
  • Upgraded Dr. C to Admin privleges to see if that fixes slow upload issues.
  • Fixed Dr. C’s cyclical login problem by changing custom redirect URL to https://cohlife.org/staff instead of https://cohlife.org/staff/li
  • Screen recorded for Dr C how to backup and update in Duplicator. Dr. C will take a look at Duplicator and Updraft to determine backup strategy
  • Added a reminder page. This can act as a punchlist or tickler specifically to remind Greg  about things that still need attention. (like template formats, etc)
  • Need to look at the “Dashboard/Users/View” Error:404 problem. Still there with all plugins off so its not a plugin problem. Will check with different theme.

2/9/2019 Greg Google Docs Table idea

In google sheets, try replicating /wp-content/uploads/!_refs/!_forms/T05-two-column-table_phase_1_changes.pdf as a spreadsheet  I already started one here:


2/1/2019 Registration process/forms info:

Add language to the Builder “Become a patient” section

Button takes you to the form with the language at top. That language doesn’t live on the form, it lives on the page in case you want to edit.

Form now has the legal stuff

Your information has  Instructions, etc. that lives in the UM forms

Checkbox remains the same. “By checking this box, you agree to our Privacy Policy and terms
described in section Becoming a Patient”


  • Replaced Media Library Folders Pro with updated version 4.35
  • Created a 2 column layout. up loaded instructions on the Youtubes here. 


Installed Wordfence on Cohlife.org. Premium license is $99 bucks a year. I like Wordfence because unlike a lot of other security plugins, Wordfence doesn’t  show a lot of false positives to create the illusion that it’s protecting you. I have enabled the firewall.

Premium has:
  • Real-time IP Blacklist
  • Real-time Firewall Rule Updates
  • Real-time Malware Signature Updates
Doing some work to harden the site. trashed unused themes and plugins.
  • Added and configured Wordfence Security
  • backed up site locally
  • Updated plugins
  • Removed unused Themes and plugins

Also: Update plugins including: Wp File Manage Pro

Deleted unused themes and plugins


  • Added back the Amazon embed code to first 4 books
  • Added title attributes to the first 3 book images. Mouse over and hold a few seconds to see
  • Added <br> tags returns to some titles to force titles to 2 lines, this lines up the top of the books. Look at the title of  “Artists Way” in edit mode to see what I mean.


GCD and Dr C Discussed:

  • Finalizing Patient Reg form
  • Workflow for books and videos page.
    • Dr. C will strip out or unset any styling code for these pages
    • Agreed upon that images link to amazon, titles link to post and descriptive text will be limited to 2 or 3 lines.
    • Dr. C will re-add the Amazon code for the first 4 books on /amazon-books page
    • Greg finish Patient Reg form


To give the Videos page a more uniform appearance, I did the following:

  1. In MLFP, I added folders*
    • Thumbnails
      • Videos
      • Youtubes

*Named to mirror the page names.

I paused the videos at roughly the same time to show the image that you had picked and screengrabbed the youtube video, added the files to Uploads/Thumbnails/Videos folder and replaced the featured images for the first 6 posts. BTW, the third entry “Essential Fatty Acids” shows the more link (for additional text)

Videos open in Lightbox .

I also added a folder called “amazon-book-covers” for the books page  and uploaded thumbnails for the book covers your featuring. Originally I was using a plugin (Feeatured Image from URL) that grabbed the featured image form (you guessed it) the URL, thus making it unnecessary to upload a file, but that conflicted (messed up) the lightbox, so it’s disabled.

Lets discuss the importance of books, videos, etc taking us away from the page to the posts and comments.


  1. On 01/01/2019 Dr. C wrote
    Originally clicking on the image opened the lightbox directly. Now it opens a new tab in Youtube and starts the video. When that tab is closed, the lightbox is open in front of the Page correctly. with the video ready to run.
    Fix: Disable Plugin: “Open external links in a new window” (there’s a reason for this plugin but I don’t remember exactly what. Hm, will get to it….)
  2. Backed up site
  3. Updated Theme and some plugins
  4. Temporarily disabled plugin: Print, PDF & Email by PrintFriendly. We can later configure which pages will show it based on taxonomies, tags, etc.
  5. Added NEW conditional menu on temp landing page



  1. Fixed scrolling issue on Videos page (Builder/Animation, Float Scrolling was set to 3. Default is normally blank)
  2. Removed “More” links by changing Builder to display “Content” instead of “Excerpts”
    1. Note: Thumbnails should be the same size
  3. Copied amazon-books-page (amazon-books-gcd) and simplified posting displaying process



  1. Debug Classic Editor
  2. Set up a Duplicator workflow



  1. Added “Directories” accordion to staff page. Will CSS all links in the accordians to be smaller, tighter with mouseovers.
  2. Fixed Grey cover image on 3 button landing page.
    1. Need to figure why it broke. Has it bee server cached since the move?
  3. Closer look at Media Files Pro. Directories seem in order. Will test sync tonight
  4. Tshooting MFP


  1. Updated Core WP and some plugins
  2. added plugin “Classic Editor”


  1. Added Login Lockdown plugin
  2. Hid Themify search
  3. Implemented Ajax search. Semi implemented as a hook
  4. Deleted unused plugins, added to plugin spreadsheet
  5. Added roles to staff TOC so they don’t show in search


  • Duplicated your conditions grid here. Search bar on top. Will make smaller and add a “Go” button.
  • All accordions the same size now, cleaner looking. Will refine later
  • links and not links same font and size
  • links now have mouseovers

Now, select hormones, adrenals, etc. Click ‘graves”, then “References” Click the Directory button.

Proper workflow for linking to File Manager Directory

  1. Create a post and add the File Manager Short code
  2. on the Page that has the button that points to file manager (eg Thyroid Page) /references/ Directory (button); that button now links to the post that has the directory shortcode. Try it. Look at the shortcode for the directory and the shortcode in the button for the accordion


  1. Fixed the main menu which had busted links bc something broke (result of the staff accordian themify part mixup. Bc the staff accordian was broken, all the sublinks displayed across the page within the main menu)
  2. Renamed staff accordion to Conditions Accordion since it was changed from staff to conditions.
  3. re-Titled Conditions Grid to “Conditions Accordion” . Grids are similar to what we have for the Clinical Topics page. I left the condition accordians slug untouched to keep the link for now.
  4. I do have accordions correctly calling posts. Take a look here I don’t think we’ll be doing this in your new setup though, right?
  5. will fix accordion styles later (font sizes, etc)


  1. Updated bug form. Moved URL field to top. Removed required on several fields.
  2.  Added a sample Conditions Glossary as a filterable list. Started with Z and got up to S. I set up “T” as an accordion and added some sample content. Note, for now the links are blanks.
    1. When it loads, you’ll initially see all the categories created for the blogs.As we delete unnecessary categories, you’ll see a lot less. Don’t know if there’s a fix for this. Doesn’t bug me much but if it bugs you, I’m not sure what the solution is.
  3. Added the PrintFriendly plugin. Right now shows up in most everything. I think we should add it as shortcode only on the pages people will want to print.
  4. Added new plugin for backing up (Updraft). This one comes with a built in schedule. The plugin wants to store content off site in something like Drop Box. Do you have a drop ox account? Anyhoo, it’s set up to back up the DB everyday and retain 5 backups at a time.


  1. Added query exclude category to mark posts to NOT display in searches. Will find out how to display results for “logged in” search results
  2. Deleted a whole bunch of categories that had a “0” count.
  3. Deleted A bunch of posts that were marked as “uncategorized”. I believe these were posts that were recreations based on your old site. Better to recreate them rather than have them in with the other posts. You can see them in the trash. (search the title)
  4. Got up to the beginning of page 4 of posts. Many more to go through

10/5 GCD

  1. Fixed Gut-Brain-Immune Blog (was calling wrong category)
  2. Fixed Aminos Blog too.
  3. Note: Don’t change slug if the post is called somewhere (like to a page or portfolio), it breaks the connection.

10/1, 10-2 GCD

  1. 90% Finalized appearance of blog pages with Nav on right
  2. Added “Previous” and “All Blogs buttons to bottom of individual blog posts. Some still might be missing
  3. Developed a couple more  blog landing pages just as examples incl this one
  4. Adjusted anchors in Glossary so that letters go to correct place on page
  5. Menu Tutorial

10/2 MCMD

  1. Backup status?  Getting anxious about losing all that we have created.
    Site is backed up. At my host in addition to snapshots I make every time I do an update. Most recent was yesterday.
  2. “Like” or rating on each Post, Comment, Reply. Email from patient says he uses that to find most valuable posts. Also can users sort for most recent posts, comments?
    That’s a plugin most likely. Please resolve any and all other features you need. Look at other sites if necesarry. It’s gonna get much harder to retrofit stuff or the stuff we do retrofit will
    require going through all older posts and adding, checking, updating the feature

9/29 MCMD

  1. Added new blog category- Energy Medicine Blog”. Tried to emulate what you did with the other blogs (portfolio, categories of posts and portfolios), created one post entry.
  2. Fleshing out the  blog titles and descriptors. Able to rename but can’t change order with the rename (Adrenal > Hormone).
  3. Also, with ad coming out can we be sure to implement google analytics on the home page.?

9/28 MCMD

  1. Not sure what motivated the change in the accordians. They seemed to be working OK the way they were.  As long as I can update them (add, delete, change names), I’m fine with whatever you think is best.
  2. If the blog landing page is a list as in “clinical blog list”, it is not clear that the navi will appear only after a blog is chosen. The blogs contents are also not clear (we don’t see any posts as we did before). Can the blog landing page be the “All Blogs”  Page with Title, Description and list, so that the Navi bar will be there and people will see the complete list of posts?   Cheikin4/blogs and Cheikin4/blog takes me to an erroneous login page even though I’m already logged in. Please let me know which you want me to use and when it is implemented.
  3. Needed to change blog name from Adrenal-Thyroid to “Hormone”. Was able to change the name and category of the Portfolio components, the listing under “Clinicial Blogs List” still has it on top. Tried to use Themify Builder to move that paragraph down but couldn’t figure out how to.
  4. Looking at the Iodine blog, as it scrolls down, it overlaps with the footer and becomes unreadable. The Page arrows can also be deleted.
  5. Adding descriptions to each blog holding portfolio. See the Amino Acid blog for a location where it would be helpful to insert a glossary anchor.
  6. Working on blogs, ran a test on the search function, which is rapidly becoming necessary due to  all the material. This will be utilized by our blog users. Tested search bar with “leaky gut”. please take a look at what comes up.


9/28 GCD

Updated theme framework and plugins.

MCMD/Clinical Blogs now links to clinical blogs list which links to individual blogs. Individual blogs list posts and has navigation on the right.

Replacing Accordion lists with hand built TOC’s. This will make things easier in that you can link to posts, pages, anything now, not just posts. You get decide. So far, Clinical, MCMD & Corps call hand built menus. Will get to others later. Note: Accordion TOC’s will no longer auto populate

MCMD/Clinical Blogs now links to first blog entry (with all blogs nav on right)

Individual Blogs

  • Blogs list all blogs on right
  • will eventually build an “all-blogs” landing page. DONE

9/24 MCMD to do: Google doc spreadsheet, word processor

9/22 MCMD

MCMD todo’s

Finalize blog layout

Get SSL working

move cheikin.com and patient to bluehost

Move c4oh.org (and cheikin.com?) pointer to bluehost

Create query@pairsite.com email alias

Go through posts to find unsecured ones



  1. discuss nailing down which blog layout we want to use.
  2. Greg to finish New Patient Form

We also discussed going through pages, verifying permissions (like STAFF-RW, etc)

remove detritus, uneeded pages and posts, etc.

9/18 From MCMD: Search Function

Added “anion” to glossary post.  However, if I search for “anion” it doesn’t find it.  Does find the word in an iodine post.  How to fix?

Greg Answers: Think it depends on how often PHP crawls to populate the dbase Im guessing. Below is what I get

9/18 From MCMD:   User Levels

Tried to finalize user levels/roles.  Does this schema work for you?  We can append -R and -RW or -V or -VC if we need to create subsets or have simpler interfaces, like MCMD-R vs MCMD-RW (where did these go?)

9/18  From MCMD:


Created (plagerized to start) a “Glossary” post.  Imported text, not loving the formatting.  Also played with anchors, as you can see.  However, when clicking on the anchor, the destination is above the anchor?  Is there a better way to do this?  Also naming anchors, what is the best naming strategy, “D” or “Glossary-D-Anchor”, etc?


Notes from Greg

  • Figure directory structure for moving PDF’s for Thyroid Page(?) or similar
  • Set up and example page for Home/Patient Main Menu /Thyroid (similar to this one on current site) but follow table below
Greg named Official Name
Articles Articles by Dr. Cheikin
References Selected references from PubMed.gov
Video Selected Video
Audio Selected Audio
Related Blogs Related Web Pages
Related Pages (links) Related pages
  • Style up Iodine Blog. Blog Post Format, resolve. Set up fonts, formating, etc. Use this blog as a starting point. (https://cohlife.org/iodine-blog/)
  • Finish patient registration, look at Dr. Cheikin’s pdf for flow
  • Patient Access to Blogs
  • Make rules (lines) between posts automatic and heavier

Dr. C will be working on:

  • Resolving a second Domain name (like CheikinMD) as backup url in case the move to cheikin.com needs debugging
  • Thinking about directory structure primarily to keep media organized.
    • I think for lists like Specific Nutrients and Supplements, you can have one folder root/uploads/patient-files/nutrients-supplements
    • For pages like the thyroid page list of articles (a directory), if you want, you can break it into sub folders but whatever the case, do we want the path to be something like uploads/Patient/Conditions or you can simply put everything put in the “Patient” folder but then the naming structure is key. remember, if they’re looking in large folders full of stuff, they’re doing it with with Media Library Folders Pro and they’ll see the directory structure


Notes from Greg

  1. In order for all posts tagged with category to show up as a filter menu at the top in MCMD Clinical blogs, I had to assign parent category “All Clinical Blogs” and the specific sub-category (E.g: “Adreno-Thyroid Blog”). All clinical blogs is a sub category of “MCMD & Blogs level 1” . Now, “MCMD & Blogs level 1”  was showing in the list of filters (see screenshot below) so I added the following CSS below to hide “MCMD & Blogs level 1” from the filtering menu
    /*Removes MCMD & Corps level 1 from MCMD Clinical Blogs filter */
    #post-11654-0-0-0 .post-filter.filter-visible .cat-item.cat-item-103 a {
  2. Set up light formatting for a typical blog entry

8/31 Meeting Notes

Notes from Greg

  1. 8/27 Backed up and updated theme and plugins
  2. Built beta 2x registration forms for Subscriber and Patient
  3. Discussed in phone meetup with Dr. C about new domain name E.g. www.cheikenmd.com. This way, I can populate to that URL and we can alias www.cheikin.com to it if we want.

Greg todo:

  1. “Welcome” user status that links to “New Patient Registration Form”, sends email to patient (and staff), enables patient to go to Welcome Page
  2. Patient Landing Page with 6-9 accordians
  3. Figure out strategy on moving site to Blue Host (btw, we have 30 days to test the Bluehost server, if we don’t like it we can move to your server)

Dr. C todo:

  1. Mark-up new user registration form
  2. Identify categories for Patient Landing Page (~6-9)
  3. Identify possible new domain name
  4. Set up Google documents for non-secure tables and documents

Bluehost info:

Control Panel


Tech support: 888-401-4678 24×7

Login isp:

User name: njgercmy

Password: G**********a

Website url test of cheikin.com




Rather than adding posts to populate this page, maybe just adding to it manually with divider bars and using this format, might make the most sense. Below is an example.


Greg thoughts

  • Form, design a form.
  • Let’s get this site moved!
  • Discuss Tags. (to call posts, tags list, sidebars, eye candy, eye candy)
  • Finish a section (we originally were using MCMD & Corps as the model)
  • Thinking about design.