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Updated December 30, 2021

This information is for educational purposes only, to facilitate quality conversations between patients and their personal physician(s). Several additional considerations are required to safely administer any protocol for an individual. This information is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or encourage self-treatment of any medical condition.

Here is a comparison of the AREDS2 product, the AREDS2 Multi, and a variety of products which in combination are superior for eye protection.

For optimal eye health, start with a combination of OcuForce, Omega-3 oil and a multi, one pill each twice a day.  If you add ADK evail you will also be getting more Vitamin D, K, E and A at optimal levels. The omega-3 is not listed as it is separate, and never was in the AREDS formulas. Adding lithium and additional minerals can also be beneficial.

While the AREDS studies were equivocal about omega-3 oils, they aimed solely at macular degeneration and not at glaucoma, cataracts, corneal, retinal and general brain/neuro issues. The retina is technically a part of the brain that pushes through the skull to fuse with the anterior section of the eye during fetal development.  It is a “mini-brain” and therefore is subject to the same deficiencies and toxicities (including lead (Pb), mercury (Hg) and others) that affect the nervous system. There is growing data that glaucoma is a chemical issue, with the pressure being secondary and not necessary to see the classic peripheral retinal damage (click on link above for more info).

Also, I am concerned for the lack of real vitamin A, which is not the same as carotene, and has unquestioned role in eye health. Also the OcuForce has taurine and other unique agents which can contribute to optimal retinal health

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Here are the labels from several products


Finally here is a printout from the NIH endorsing the AREDS product line.  Since there are better agents out there, there was probably some vested interests in the NIH implicitly endorsing one product!  Bausch and Lomb undoubtedly pays their lobbyists and salesmen well.

AREDS_AREDS2 _ National Eye Institute

Confusion between PreserVision AREDS-2 and “New” PreserVision AREDS-2 _ Scott E. Pautler, M.D. Tampa

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