Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Omega-3 and Omega-6 Oils, and Fish Oil

Updated October 16, 2022

Bottom Line Summary

  • “Essential Fatty Acids” (EFAs) include omega-3, omega-6 and related oils such as omega-7 and omega-9.
  • The nutritionally essential Omega-3’s are: DHA and EPA. See diagram for more detail. Be careful not to confuse DHA for DHEA, which is a completely separate sterol hormone.
  • The nutritionally essential Omega-6 is GLA.
  • “Fish Oils” are a source of Essential Fatty Acids, but only a certain percentage is EPA and DHA.
  • Intolerance of several fish oils warrants evaluation of the GI tract.

A good brand will specify on the label the exact amounts of EPA and DHA. Most simple fish oil products are derived, along with other nutrients such as vitamin A) from the livers of cold-water fish known to have high o3 (including salmon, anchovy, other).

We carry ResQ as the most cost-effective brand of quality and reliability. The bottle has 200 pills, which at 4 pills per day (~ 3000 mg EPA + DHA) will last 50 days. We also have vegan and burp-free versions.

If you prefer to order through Wellevate, the recommended products are below.  They are a bit more expensive, but the convenience in maintaining your program may be worth it to you. The smaller sized basic omega-3 below has a code of  L01619. Each pill has 300 mg of EPA + DHA, so you will need 5 of these to provide 1500 mg.

Click on the image below for product numbers and additional details.

Specific brands of o3 and o6 have concentrated the oils to make them easier to take.

Big Pharma has seen the writing on the wall regarding the need for omega-3 oils and have fabricated their own patented forms by altering the oils. These products include Lovaza and Vascepa.