Creating Post for Conditions

Updated October 15, 2019

You will need 3 windows to be as efficient as possible

  • THIS window–Directions on how to make new post
  • Creating a new post window
  • List of conditions — open up conditions page by  clicking here

Each letter begins with a list of all conditions for that letter

Open up the first post for the letter which will give you a list

create a new post by clicking in the black/blue bar at the top New> Post

type name of condition in title field

Under categories- you will chose 2 at the  bottom of the category list

  1. “z-indexes” hit plus sign to open option
    • chose “conditions a-z”
  2. “z-indexes-a-z “hittheplussign
    • chose proper letter


At top right of screen hit publish

In the conditions list window, chose “conditions A-Z” , then press f5 to update, and check that new post populated correctly.

To copy a post:

Scroll down to “Themify Builder” tab ( far right tab)

Chose “copy” button,

  • press “ok” when popup box comes up wait for page to refresh
  • Scroll back to top to see if title has been copied (the word copy should have been added to previous title )

Edit the title with the new title

copy the title and paste into the “slug” or permalink button.

Hit ok to update slug

Make sure to change the letter of the category if needed

Press the update button on top right