Creating Post for Articles

Updated December 18, 2019

You will need 3 windows to be as efficient as possible

  • THIS POST–Directions on how to make new post
  • List of articles
  • “New Post” creation window

open up articles directory by opening the (\\ddc\d\all_years)

The next series of steps will be repeated for each article

  1. Open current list of articles already on website here.
  2. Open the PDF in the directory list on DDC ( will open in acrobat)
  3. At the top menu click file>export>image>jpg
  4. Click save
  5. Go back to articles directory, hit f5 to refresh the file list, you should see at least one jpg with the same title as the article
  6. If there is more than one jpeg, only keep page one and rename to exactly match the first name of the original article with the second name as jpeg.
  7. Image is too large. To shrink, R-click on jpg with Irfanview to open.
  8. Ctrl-R to resize image (or Image > Resize)
  9. Chose 15% , then OK
  10. Ctrl-S to overwrite original jpg (should go from 1000’s  of KB to < 100)
  11. Log in to word press as Staff
  12.  Open an existing article post by clicking here 
  13.  Press the edit button
  14.  Halfway down the page, under the “Themify Custom Panel” make sure the  “themify builder” tab is selected
  15.  click on the duplicate icon to make a copy of the post with all of its settings
  16. To find the copy, click on the dashboard (left), at the top All Posts. The copy should be at the top. Click edit.
  17. Rename the title of the post, to match the exact title of the article
  18.  Copy name of the new title, and paste it into the “Permalink” below the title
  19. Go back to the “Themify Custom Panel” and chose the “post options” tab
  20. towards the bottom, you will see the “Lightbox Link” field filled in with the name of the copied article. Change only the article name within that field
  21. Open Media Library Folders . Wait for page to populate
  22. Click the “!_articles” directory, wait for it to populate
  23. Click on “Add File”
  24. Drag the PDF from the local directory into the “Drag and Drop” Boxor to let you know it is ready to move the file.
  25. When the “insert to post” button turns blue, it is done moving. We DO NOT want to insert into post, so hit the “x” in the upper right corner
  26. Click on Update on the right to save your work so far
  27. Scroll down to bottom of right column to the “featured image” panel. Click on “set featured image”, wait for it to populate
  28. Click the “!_articles” directory, wait for it to populate
  29. Drag the JPG from the local directory into the “featured image” window, it will change color to let you know it is ready to move the file.
  30. Then click on, set featured image at the bottom right side
  31. Update
  32.  Re-open current list of articles already on website here.
  33. Check that the article is there. Also test lightbox.
  34. Back to step 1 for next article.