Coronavirus: Prevention Please

Updated March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus is up to 10x more contagious than influenza and can live on certain surfaces for days. While hand washing and sanitizer can kill the virus if proper technique is used, there are innumerable opportunities to re-innoculate over the day. Social isolation will not prevent the illness when a person is (ultimately) exposed, but will slow the spread from weeks to months. This gives our health care and related systems time to mobilize and to have less patients at any one time (“flattening out the curve”). This is truly better for all.

However, this coronavirus is not like a tornado that will pass through quickly. The virus will continue to circle around and around until everyone who will get it, will get it.  Even if it takes months. Or years.

Severity will ultimately rest squarely upon an individual’s immune system. From the data, 80% of cases are mild, while those with compromised immunity are at greater risk for severe illness. This group include the elderly, those with certain medical conditions, and recently a surprising set of younger health care workers.

There is not enough discussion of how to support the immune system.  For Dr. Cheikin’s article on immune boosting, click here.   To see how the media are missing the boat (intentionally?) and only focusing on pharmaceutical interventions, see the 3/24/2020 article from the New York Times (here) which does not mention individual preventive measures such as good sleep and nutrients.

The Center for Optimal Health will remain open for medical visits, since we do not have any groups over 10 people.  We will offer hand sanitizer for all visitors.

Yoga classes are suspended for now.

Specific testing for immune functioning is available after individual factors are considered. 

For those that wish to cancel their appointments, we ask that you continue to give us two business days notice.  As an alternative, Dr. Cheikin can provide phone visits at a discounted rate (covered telemedicine visits are being explored).  

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