Cancellation Hotline

Updated February 21, 2019

Our current cancellation hotline is extension 68, which can be accessed from the main menu, option 8

MAIL BOX, Change Greeting # and content

From inside : Intercom  777, outside *7
3 [administer greetings AND other stuff]
1 [change greeting]

to update a greeting (i.e. greeting 2)

2 [greeting #2]
1 [record greeting],
1 [finish recording]
*# [approve] or 21 [re-record]
0 [make active for all calls

to activate a greeting [ 1 or 2]

9 [activate greetings]
1 [activate greeting 1]
0 [activate for all calls]
*# [finished]

Greeting 1 = NO cancellation

This is the Inclement Weather Hotline. If the Center were closed or any activities were cancelled, this announcement would contain such information at least 2 hours in advance. At present, no activities are cancelled.
You can call back at any time by dialing the main number, then pressing, 8 [and then 5].
Thank you for calling the Center for Optimal Health. [HANGS UP]

Greeting 2 = Cancellation, needs to be recorded for the specific date

This is the Inclement Weather Hotline for ________[weekday], ___________[date].

The Center will be closed all day, including all yoga classes. To reschedule any appts for today, please call us during regular business hours starting tomorrow. We will call you as well.
Classes (after _________[time]) will be cancelled today. You can make up missed classes by taking another class during the sessions for which you have signed up, or with a prorated credit toward your next registration.
A decision about the snow cancellation of Monday class will be made at 3:30pm. Please call back after 3:30pm.

To call the cancellation hotline directly, dial the main number, and when it picks up immediately press 8 [and then 5].
Thank you for calling the Center for Optimal Health. [HANGS UP]



Announcements hang up
Advantage of Auto Attendant is direct (no ringing)
Advantage of Extension is that does not require system password (ie done by staff)
If using Auto Attendant must chose AA#, though they share Announcements & Submenus)
[perhaps add voice mail option for cancelling appointment]

AUTO ATTENDANT Change Announcement

Password, #
9 (System Programming)
3 (Auto Attendants)
1 (Auto Attendant #)
4 (Announcements)
98# (Announcement #)
6 (modify)
1 Record
21 Re-Record
23 Play
*# Accept