Boron (B)

Updated July 27, 2022

Boron, an element, is essential for bone health and other functions. While there is no RDA and it’s ignored by most conventional and holistic practitioners, there is no longer a question that it is essential for optimal health. While most Americans consume about 1 mg, optimal health occurs at between 3-12 mg/day or more.

Most of us have heard of borax and boric acid, which are two naturally-occuring powdered forms of boron. For nutrition, there are several options.

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Borax, a naturally occurring white mineral, is used to soften laundry water, where it binds calcium and other minerals.  Borax is also anti-fungal (pending information on how).  It is not toxic to humans other than inhaling the dust.  Some claim benefits of borax as a source of boron for arthritis. When borax powder is dissolved in water, energy is released as heat (exothermic reaction), and some of the borax changes chemically to boric acid.  Borax is also safely useful for mold and yeast control in both the interior and exterior of homes, such as

for bathrooms and roofs. It’s formula is Na2B4O7 .10H2O It’s molecular weight is 381.37, of which  11.36% is elemental boron.

Borate is a nutrient, many companies sell this as fructo-borate.

Boric acid, is the acid version of boron.  It is not a strong acid. It known for killing roaches and other creepy crawlys is toxic if ingested. It can be as effective as pharmaceuticals when used for vaginal yeast as a suppository.

Pyrex glass is a boro-silicate glass, meaning that it utilizes some of the features of boron to change the nature of the glass to be more heat resistant.

Slime can be made by mixing borax with a polymerizing glue, such as the newer Elmers white glue (pending slime page.) This demonstrates the contribution of boron to tissues where it imparts a cohesiveness while changing shape.  Perhaps this feature is also why its incorporated in bone and other connective tissues.

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