Mycotoxin Sensitivity

Updated September 22, 2018

A patient, on  two separate occasions, over a year apart, when going into the same building, immediately experienced bowel urgency. There was no smell or signs of any structural issues in the building.  There was no recent construction (outgassing of formaldehyde or other modern material-based toxins). Saying it was a “mycotoxin” or mold-based toxin can not be proven. However, there was clearly something in that environment that caused this trigger. It could also be EMF’s (a nearby transformer?)

Regardless of the nature of the trrigger, what is important is how specific her response was, both regarding the environment, and the specific organ system that responded in a specific way. “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” or MCS is a condition where there are several environmental chemicals that can cause any range of symptoms.  It could be one specific molecule, or an accumulation of hundreds over a lifetime (the “cocktail effect”).

Her daughter has similar extreme sensitivity to certain chemicals in certain environments, even objects that have been in certain environments.

Why the body would need to evacuate the bowels upon some exposure?

There is also an observation that during a bowel movement, sometimes the nose drips.  Several have reported this on the internet.  Again, what is the purpose?  What is the connection?