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Updated January 21, 2022

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A toxin is something that blocks or diverts a process. While most toxins are chemical in nature, wireless fields, also called Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) can be toxic. So are certain people and jobs. Detoxification involves 1) identifying toxins (usually several), 2) formulating a safe, effective detox strategy that maintains function and safety, and 3) measurement/adjustment in response to factors external (stress levels, seasons, food plans) and internal (total load on liver, adrenals, immune etc) to the process.

Detoxification refers the metabolic (bio-chemical) processes of the body that remove toxins. The body generates toxins as a part of it’s normal processes, and therefore is capable of eliminating many toxins through bladder, bowel, lungs and sweat.

While we evolved with mercury, lead and uranium in the environment, modern industry releases far more into the air, water and soil than ever seen before. In addition, every year we release billions of tons of plastics, pesticides, estrogen-like molecules (xeno-estrogens), pharmaceuticals and other synthetic molecules into the environment. While each individually may be deemed “safe”, we cannot study the effect of accumulating thousands of these molecules in our bodies over our lifetimes. Several of these toxins are found in fetuses and mothers’ milk. Aging may  be as simple as our detox mechanisms becoming overwhelmed.

While there are many “detoxes” and “cleanses” available, there is risk involved in mobilizing these toxins too quickly  or when the body has certain blocks that will not allow these toxins to be excreted. They can “re-distribute” to other areas of the body.

We take a safe, slow, sustainable approach to identifying and removing toxins while keeping our patients functional. We  use conventional and special lab tests, as well as adjusting lifestyle factors that can contribute to toxicity or detoxification. These include air, water, food and supplements, sleep, mind-body and spiritual work.

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