Updating a Post to a Page

Updated May 18, 2018

Dr. C removed the double header

From the front end, go to the page you want to edit. Example, the Staff page

In the Accordian display, each heading represents a post. Clicking “Edit” (screenshot on left) will open that specific post.
I added a new one called “Try Me”
1. Click “edit” under “Try Me”
2. Type some words. Default is paragraph but you can use the interface like in a Word document to change font to headings, colors, bulleted lists, etc.
4. Let’s upload and link to a pdf!  below the title bar, where you titled a post, there’s a button that says, “Add Media”, click it.
5. You will see 2 tabs. “Upload Files” and “Media Library”. Media Library pertains to files that have already been uploaded. In this case, select “Upload Files”. It’s easiest to drag and drop.  Looking at the folders on the left, select the folder approriate for this post. I have selected “Learning. Go back to the tabs at the top and select “Upload Files” and drag and drop your files to upload. They will now upload to the folder you selected. (Learning). While in the Add Media UI (User Interface), on the right Now click the blue “Insert Into Post”