For potential patients in which there is uncertainty about establishing a doctor-patient relationship,  we utilize a Holistic Independent Medical Examination.

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is an established way for physicians to provide second opinions without requiring a doctor-patient relationship. Labs can be ordered and reviewed. Treatment can be recommended but the physician will not provide or manage treatment. This service is not covered by insurance but a HSA can be used.

A Holistic IME provides a comprehensive review of holistic and lifestyle factors affecting health and aging.  Topics often include: food plan successes and failures, weight loss resistance, hormonal concerns, chronic issues such as allergy, digestive disturbance, fatigue and pain.

Based on the time scheduled (usually 30-90 minutes), additional topics such as water, toxic exposures, detoxification and stress management.

The client has the option of completing our initial patient packet to enable time-saving collection of information, but is not required and the conversation can be informal.

A record of the conversation is generated, which can be general or specific. The record can include impression, recommendations and specific plan. If a lab order is requested then a follow-up meeting will be required to review the labs from a second-opinion point of view.

In some cases the HIME serves as an entry point to other services offered by the Center for Optimal Health.

To proceed, a request and consent for a HIME (download ________) should be completed and sent to the office via fax or email . ( or 

We also provide coaching and case management services for those whose needs require a different focus or style.