How to Grab, Save & Crop a Screenshot

Updated January 17, 2020

To GRAB and SAVE a screenshot

1   Click in window of interest to make it active

2  Simultaneously press Alt and PrintScreen buttons (“Alt-PrtScn“),

OR  just PrintScreen if you want to capture the whole desktop (all screens) and crop later (see below)

3  Open IrfanView , the little red bear in your taskbar (or use Windows Start, type “Irfan”)

4  Press Ctrl-V to paste into the IrfanView window

5  Press Ctrl-S to SAVE as a jpeg (use Desktop as location when asked)

OR Press Ctrl-P to PRINT to a printer or to a PDF (save on Desktop when asked)


TO CROP an image

1  Open Image (or already opened)

Drag a box anywhere within the image

3  Press Ctrl-Y to crop

4  Press S to save the new version to the Desktop with the same or a new name

OR Press Ctrl-S to overwrite (same place, same name, say “Yes” when asked)