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COVID-19 update,  4/4/2020*

As of April 1, we are providing telemedicine visits to patients with Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans in all states while the Health Emergency continues.  Office visits for Medicare patients will only occur when essential and a smart phone or computer is not possible. 

Private insurance plans (Blues, Aetna, United, other) presently do not cover telemedicine visits with your own doctors (another reason for Medicare-for-all).  To help private patients with concerns that can affect COVID-19 severity (immune, sleep, gut, mood), Dr. Cheikin is offering a 5-10 minute check-in phone call for $30 (less than what your telemedicine visit would cost).  Longer phone visits are also available if needed.

For more information on tele-visits, click here.

For office visits, we are masking, practicing physical distancing, use an enhanced sanitizer, and have no more than four people in the office at any time.  We ask that any visitors wear masks.  For help on making a simple mask, click here.

Yoga is suspended for now. 

Please check back for frequent updates.

*We are providing this information and service in a good-faith effort to help with this pandemic. Information and procedures are subject to change.