Agenda for Tues 4/21/2020

Updated April 26, 2020

Notes from meeting:

Discussion of status of website, contract, payments.

Four projects to be completed:

    1. Template (articles, topics),
    2. Overall Design/Home  Page Layout (Style Sheets)
    3. SEO
    4. Form

MCMD proposed finishing this “phase” with completion of the Design. Upon completion of the phase 1, will pay to net double the original amount ($5,      x 2). Next phase would be the other three items, for which we will negotiate a monthly/quarterly rate.

MCMD to find 4-5 images for home/splash page slideshow.

What did we decide about colors?  I would go with the blues (sky/water in logo), whites, and colors from the logo: dark greens, yellow/gold, silvers.

Discussion of popup vs announcement bar on home page. MCMD to look at themify tutorial on annoucement bars.

Discussion of search bar, takes to another page, then requires a click. Greg suggested that it just opens where it is, which would be great if it could be implemented with the Ajax  Search Pro.


  1. Found a lot of old bloat, > 100 MB in hundreds of old jpg dups.  As seen  below, adding a new jpg generates up to additional files.  Seems like a bug.  More cleaning to do!

1b. Compress database plugin?

2. If you present a jpg in a lightbox (as in #1 above) , you can’t zoom, but a pdf does!  Thoughts?

Another example, recently added images :

3. Page opens, cursor taken to a specific location?  See search bar (you must click in it before typing)


4. Frame on the home page with slide show, announcements.

5. Weekly call-in using zoom.