Agenda Tue 9-10-2019

Updated September 13, 2019


  1. Review Todo
  2. Review Welcome Page
  3. ? Combine New Patient Registration Form with Welcome?
  4. Review Plugins

Prior Meeting(s)

1. Scheduling–confirm a few days in advance when feasible.

2. Home Page Menu, Image. Greg to clean up menus and submenus. Dr. C will write “fly-out” contents to add later.

3. Server strategy. Get stuff out of public_html. Plan for migration to WordPress server (faster, auto backup, but less functionality)

4. Where to put lists?   GCD for updates, MCMD for agendas and notes. Greg will create ToDo and Bug Report?

5. SEO optimization-Greg will send MCMD some plugin options.

6. Patient registration form–close to ready

7. www issue–still there but not problematic within the site.  Do more when necessary or when solution becomes clear (? moving server)


Review “Welcome” site

Review plugins