TSH High

Things that raise TSH:  (the terms “low”, and “increased” are relative to individual circumstances and must be interpreted accordingly)

Too low T4 or T3 (free and/or total).

Increased iodine intake.

Dysfunctional hypothalmic signalling coming from:

brain (ans, emotion, sleep-wake),

other hormones,


skull infections.

Simliar pituitary dysfunction

INTERPRETING TSH HIGH (depending upon lab, higher than approximately 1.5 mIU/L)

TSH can be high in the context of iodine repletion and therefore difficult to interpret.  However, iodine repletion doesn’t seem to greatly influence T4 and T3 production due to peripheral controls.  Therefore, the individual values of T4, T3 and RT3 can guide the need for more or less hormone.