STI C5 Report: Patient Charges over __ days old (before a certain date)

Updated October 14, 2019

Log into Practice Manager

2nd Row:  Reports Tab
3rd Row:  Reports Tab
4th Row:  Financial Tab
Left: + Accounts Receivables
Left:   Aged Insurance Receivable

Middle:  Advanced Configurations > Drop Down > C5
2> Select Criteria – Select “Charge End Date Less Than”
Click on “Value”,
Click on “Enter a Date”, enter date before which charges should be closed (i.e. 60 days earlier–if running report on 08/01, put in “06/01”
Click “Update”

Click “Preview” (lower left)
If good, print icon on top of new window
Print to PDF, name “C4 report before 2018_06”

Print PDF to printer
X out of new window