Staff Basics

Updated July 6, 2022

  1. If a patient calls with a medical problem, their options are: 1) ER, 2) Hotline, 3) Make an appointment.  If in doubt, the patient can ALWAYS go to an Emergency Department. If NOT an emergency, the patient can ALWAYS use the Hotline, even during working hours.  Dr. Cheikin does not recommend going to Urgent Care, since they often administer antibiotics and steroids without knowing the patient.
  2. If you feel threatened by a patient, as them to leave or call 911. This is a private property and no one has the right to stay if asked to leave.
  3. All patient communications must be documented in writing with date and staff name. Time and additional notes can also be helpful.  This includes emails.
  4. DO NOT assume that emails are received. If important, ask for confirmation of receipt. Print the email and keep it available as a tickler until you receive confirmation, then place in patient chart.
  5. No texting with patients under any circumstances.
  6. No recommendations for practitioners, supplements or medications OTHER than established Protocols or recommendations under FAQs for patients. See #5 for Supplements and Medications.
  7. HIPAA: No PHI (Patient Health Information) left out or discussed in front of other patients.  In front of other patients, only use patients’ first name and last initial. Any phone calls or other communications requesting patient information should have a patient release and review with Dr. Cheikin before any information is provided.
  8. Initiative is valued–ideas for signs, forms, processes, are welcome but DO NOT implement until reviewed in staff meeting.
  9. DO NOT change the clinical schedule or cancel any patients without first reviewing with Dr. Cheikin.
  10. TELL Dr. Cheikin about ALL patient complaints or cancellations without re-schedule.
  11. DO NOT issue any refunds without review with Dr. Cheikin. Tell the patient you will get back to them after reviewing. 
  12. If in doubt, defer action until you ASK.  No assumptions.  It is better to say “Let me check and get back to you” than provide incorrect or incomplete information. If you do not understand or do not agree with an office procedure or policy, DO NOT make changes without reviewing in staff meeting with Dr. Cheikin.