Ovarian Cancer

Updated July 3, 2022

Cancer Key References

Teaching the basics of cancer metabolism_ Developing antitumor strategies by exploiting the differences between normal and cancer cell metabolism.2017

Environmental Causes are 80+%.  This controversial article by a major medical journal concludes that environment is more influential than genetics for most cancers:


Stem Cells, supports the model of cancer that was promoted by the Gonzalez lineage (Beard, Kelley, Issacs)

Cancer-Stem-Cells-and-Macrophages-Implications-in-Tumor-Biology-and-Therapeutic-Strategies.2016 (large file, new tab opens)

Iron and Cancer

Ferroptosis—Cancer Stem Cells Rely on Iron until ‘to Die for’ It.2021

Enzymes are used by all of the major alternative approaches:


Water and Cancer

Transmembrane Mucins- Signaling Receptors at the Intersection of Inflammation and Cancer.2017.r

mucosal surface citations 2020_05_25

Nutrient (mineral) deficiencies and cancer

Iodine and Cancer Video by Dr. Brownstein, be sure to see the last 10 minutes!


Urinary Iodine Concentrations in Cancer Patients



The magic of black seed oil:

Thymoquinone, as a Novel Therapeutic Candidate of Cancers.202

Thymoquinone– Potential cure for inflammatory disorders and cancer.2012


Artemisinin our Ultimate Cancer Weapon a Gift from China – Jeffrey Dach MD

Several pharmaceuticals have shown promise:

Drug Repurposing, an Attractive Strategy in Pancreatic Cancer.2021.italy


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The biological properties of different Epstein-Barr virus strains explain their association with various types of cancers

Body Fat Depots and Cancer Risk.Mayo.2016

Cancer Directory Listing