Natural Blood Thinners

Updated June 13, 2022

This information is for educational purposes only, to facilitate quality conversations between patients and their personal physician(s). Several additional con- siderations are required to safely administer any protocol for an individual. This infor- mation is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or encourage self-treatment of any medical condition.

Many agents in foods and herbs can help “thin” the blood, which means decreased tendency to coagulate. If taken in excess or certain combinations  (especially with certain pharmaceuticals, excessive bleeding can occur, which can be as serious as having blood that is too thick.

Here is a list of natural and semi-natural (derived from nature) agents that can affect coagulation.  The effect on an individual can vary due to numerous factors, which is why their use should be monitored by a knowledgable practitioner.


Omega 3 Oils (“Fish Oils” and Vegan O3’s)

Gingko Bilboa



Vitamin D

Vitamin E

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