Lipedema (Fat swelling)

Updated September 1, 2022

I have noticed that my fat seems to swell after certain foods, especially dairy. The articles on aquaporin, a water transport molecule in fat cells, suggest such a mechanism.

Hypothalamic inflammation and thermogenesis–the brown adipose tissue connection.2011.brazil

Inflammation File List

Overproduction of Angiotensinogen from Adipose Tissue Induces Adipose Inflammation, Glucose Intolerance, and Insulin Resistance.2012Early postprandial low-grade inflammation after high-fat meal in healthy rats–possible involvement of visceral adipose tissue.2009.france

Macrophage infiltration and cytokine release in adipose tissue–angiogenesis or inflammation.2010.australia

Regulation of stem cell differentiation in adipose tissue by chronic inflammation.2011.usa

Melanin and melanogenesis in adipose tissue–possible mechanisms for abating oxidative stress and inflammation.2011.usaDecreased adiponectin and increased inflammation expression in epicardial adipose tissue in coronary artery disease.2009.china

The combination of high-fat diet-induced obesity and chronic ulcerative colitis reciprocally exacerbates adipose tissue and colon inflammation.2011.brazil

Histology of adipose tissue inflammation in Dercum’s disease, obesity and normal weight controls–a case control study.2011.sweden

Adipose tissue inflammation contributes to body weight loss induced by experimental chronic food allergy in mice.2011.brazil

Increased adipose tissue expression of lipocalin-2 in obesity is related to inflammation and matrix metalloproteinase-2 and metalloproteinase-9 activities in humans.2009.spain

Atrial natriuretic peptide inhibits the production of adipokines and cytokines linked to inflammation and insulin resistance in human subcutaneous adipose tissue.2007

Insulin resistance is associated with a modest increase in inflammation in subcutaneous adipose tissue of moderately obese women.2008.usa

Inflammation in subcutaneous adipose tissue–relationship to adipose cell size.2008.usa

Adipose tissue inflammation-are small or large fat cells to blame.2009.germany

Is obesity an inflammatory illness–Role of low-grade inflammation and macrophage infiltration in human white adipose tissue.2006.france

SirT1 Regulates Adipose Tissue Inflammation.2011.yale

Loss of Pdk1-Foxo1 Signaling in Myeloid Cells Predisposes to Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Insulin Resistance.2011.japan

Differential dose effect of fish oil on inflammation and adipose tissue gene expression in chronic kidney disease patients.2012.france

CCR5 Plays a Critical Role in Obesity-Induced Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Insulin Resistance by Regulating Both Macrophage Recruitment and M1-M2 Status.2012.japan

(n-3) Fatty Acids Alleviate Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Insulin Resistance-Mechanistic Insights.2011

Adipokines–Biofactors from white adipose tissue–A complex hub among inflammation, metabolism, and immunity.2011 spain

Experimental food allergy leads to adipose tissue inflammation, systemic metabolic alterations and weight loss in mice.2011.brazil

HVEM-deficient mice fed a high-fat diet are protected from adipose tissue inflammation and glucose intolerance.2011.skorea

Paracrine regulation of vascular tone, inflammation and insulin sensitivity by perivascular adipose tissue.2012.netherlands

Vitamin D deficiency induces cardiac hypertrophy and inflammation in epicardial adipose tissue in hypercholesterolemic swine.2012.usa

Role of AMP-activated protein kinase in adipose tissue metabolism and

In vivo imaging of obesity-induced inflammation in adipose tissue.2010.japa

Stevioside ameliorates high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and adipose tissue inflammation by downregulating the NF-κB pathway.2012.china

p53-Induced Adipose Tissue Inflammation Is Critically Involved in the Development of Insulin Resistance in Heart Failure.2012.japan

Adipose tissue inflammation and cancer cachexia-Possible role of nuclear transcription factors.2012.brazil

Time-dependent effect of in vivo inflammation on eicosanoid and endocannabinoid levels in plasma, liver, ileum and adipose tissue in C57BL-6 mice fed a fish-oil diet.2012.netherlands

CD8+ T cells drive adipose tissue inflammation – A novel clue for NASH pathogenesis.2010.harvard

Adipokine dysregulation, adipose tissue inflammation and metabolic syndrome.2009.belgium


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