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Updated June 21, 2022

I always suspected that the pressure issues in glaucoma were secondary; as is evidenced by “normal pressure” glaucoma, where the same damage to the retina is seen.  The retina is one of the most chemically-active tissues, having to concentrate light and then process it. It makes sense that it would be particularly vulnerable to different metabolic stressors. In addition, it also makes sense that since metabolic stressors can be different, the type of damage could be different.  I believe this applies to glaucoma and macular degeneration. Just as with high- and low-pressure glaucoma, there is wet and dry macular degeneration. Do these labels/categories really apply or are they all variants of an underlying root cause? We could also include cataracts, where the damage from the sun affects the lens separately from the retina.  There is good data on the mechanism of cataract and potential modulators/remedies.

Back to glaucoma, I’ve collected some recent articles that support this idea and suggest that one of my core nutients, niacin, may have a role in its prevention and even possible reversal.

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