Core Program

Updated November 7, 2020


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Our Core Program is how any person will begin.  This involves a series of visits where we evaluate your deficiences, lifestyle, food, infectious, toxic and stress factors. It is complete when you have a food plan, supplement plan, exercise plan, and stress management plan. This approach does not focus on how many diagnoses you have accumulated, but instead the root cause factors that lead to illness and aging.

Based upon your goals and motivation, we then layer on more specialized programs which can include Gut, Detoxification, Hormones and Metabolism (including Thyroid, Sex and Adrenal, Diabetes and Iodine),  Pain, and Aging.  Most Brain issues are secondary to gut, toxin and hormonal dysfunction. Recently leading scientists and countries have reclassified Aging as a disease unto itself, and the root cause of other secondary conditions that we call cardiovascular disease, cancer, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dementia, arthritis, fatigue and others.