Alpha Lipoic Acid

Updated January 15, 2022

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Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is an amazing nutrient that has several valuable healing properties. The main functions of ALA are:

    • helps with detox by enabling the liver re-generate glutathione, the major detoxifier of the body
    • helps with blood sugar control in pre-diabetes and diabetes
    • can help with peripheral neuropathy
    • purported to help remove toxic heavy metals from the brain by passing through the blood brain barrier

ALA is a symmetric molecule, so there is a Left and Right versions, called L-ALA and R-ALA. L-ALA does not occur in humans, while R-ALA does. When ALA is synthesized, both forms, L and R, are made equally. ALA can be purchased as the mixed L/R form, or purified into the R- form only. For some purposes, the mixed form works sufficiently; in more critical circumstances, purified R-ALA can be utilized at higher cost.

A Case for Alpha-Lipoic Acid as an Alternative Treatment for Diabetic Polyneuropathy.2018

lipoic acid basics 2002 health world online

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