Administering thyroid hormone with supportive nutrients

Updated September 12, 2018

In in some people, thyroid hormone may serve as a delivery system for iodine and/or tyrosine.  These people, understandably, might respond quicker to thyroid prescription. Thyroid hormone itself, by virtue of being a nuclear hormone, can certainly require time for response, days to weeks; while simple iodine or tyrosine might work quickly.  Also, since thyroid affects mitochondrial function, this might manifest as a fast or slow response (generate energy for cellular function, including detox).

To ensure proper resources at the time of thyroid administration, it might be beneficial to include some iodine, tyrosine, selenium, A, D, Zn and some anti-oxidants (E, curcurmin, C, ALA). Need to re-look at B2 and other B’s. Also need to clarify how much thyroid goes to mitochondria vs nuclear receptor.